Breeding game birds

Mądry – pheasants and partridges

Aviary breeding game birds pheasants and partridges – Lipinki, Lubuskie Voivodeship, Poland

About us

The pheasantry was founded in 2010. Since then the interest of foreign clients and hunting clubs has been spreading.

The work remains in a full production life-cycle. Birds are selected right after hatching phase and shortly after they are led to outdoors fields in order to quench and boost immune system. Aviaries are adapted to the number of birds kept. Pheasants will eat many types of grain and seeds. Corn will compromise more than half of their diet. For that matter we sow our fields to most resemble pheasants’ natural environment. We run veterinary supervision throughout the life-cycle such as periodic bacteriological examination.

Our pheasantry obtained the consent and is officially approved by the Ministry of Environment in Poland.

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